A Room for Linguistic Geography by Chitsuko Fukushima (in English, Japanese)

Hogen no uchu [Dialectological Cosmos] by Takuichiro Onishi (in Japanese)ーーmaps and raw materials of the Grammar Atlas of Japanese Dialects, A Guidebook of Dialect Grammar Investigation, how to convert the investigated place system of NINJAL into longitute and latitude, etc.

Word Geography Maps of Thailand by Kalaya M.R.Tingsabadh and Sirivilai Teerarojanarat (in English, Thai)

Linguistic Atlases of Northeast Eurasia, Ainu, and Tungusic by Tokusu Kurebito (in English, Japanese)

The World Atlas of Transitivity Pairs by NINJAL (in English, Japanese)

Saito's Site by Yoshio Saito (in Japanese)ーーAltaic linguistics, phonetics, linguistics, list of the author's publications.

Sound Materials of the Nivkh Language by Hidetoshi Shiraishi (in English, Japanese)ーーNivkh, Ainu